Kennedy Glass Emergency Services provides Emergency Boardup Services for damaged storefront windows or any establishments and measuring services for quick glass replacements.

Why Do Kennedy Glass Repair?

  • The Fastest Response to your Emergency Needs.
  • Higher Priority Response to Commercial Customers.
  • Emergency Board Up.
  • Emergency Glass Repair.
  • Fastest Response to Afterhour Emergencies.

Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair is here to help. In case of an accident or break-in of your home or business. We will board up broken windows, doors or storefronts until repairs can be made. Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows Repair Emergency Board Up and Repair offers Emergency Services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Our highly trained professionals stay alert with all emergency equipment's and their MOBILE Glass Shop to secure your business and residential establishments.

Emergency service Includes:

  • Boarding up Windows and Doors.
  • Cleanup of Broken Glass.
  • Measurement for Replacement Glass.
  • Securing Property.
  • Emergency Police Board Up Services.
  • Residential Board up Services.
  • Home Board up.
  • Windows Board up.
  • Emergency Board up Service
  • Commercial Board UP Services
  • Residential Windows Board Up Services
  • 24/7 Board-up Service
  • 24hr Emergency Service & Repair
  • Doors & windows board up
  • Window/door boarding
  • Window/door repair
  • Flat glass fitting
  • Aluminum window/door installation
  • Hinge door installation
  • Service latch installation
  • Repairing or fabricating your aluminum store front
  • Manufacturing replacement sealed units
  • Repairing or fabricating your aluminum store front
  • Supplying and installing exterior wall partitions
  • Coordinating wall structure and exterior envelope repairs
  • Providing contractors for larger scale reconstruction
  • Arranging for on-site security personnel

Storefront Glass Windows & Door Repairs & Replacement in Virginia, Washington DC & Maryland

Commercial Broken Glass Door Replacement & Repair

Whether you have a broken glass door, glass hardware problem, or a condition caused by deterioration over time, your business can depend on Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair to fix the problem. Whether you’re repairing your storefront or installing a new system, you will receive high-quality product and service at a fair price, delivered on-time. The window on your storefront can make a lasting impression on potential customers. True, even if it is clean and attractive, people entering your store may not notice your window, but if it’s dirty, cracked or damaged in any other way, shoppers may have an uneasy feeling about walking in.

Commercial Foggy Windows & Glass Replacement

Window seal failure is a common problem for aging windows and inevitable in most all residential and commercial buildings with insulated glass. A failed seal around the insulated glass unit allows moisture-laden air to get in between the panes which can lead to condensation and the glass looking foggy, wet or dirty as well as degrading the insulating ability of the window. Utilizing cutting-edge restoration technologies, Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair can fix foggy windows at a fraction of the cost of window replacement. We can remove the fog in windows quickly and easily without replacing your window frames. And we can repair your wood framed windows at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

Storefront Glass Entrances Repair and Replacements

Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair offers glass & window repair for business and homeowners. Need glass repair for a window or a door? Window won't stay up? Whether you need glass repair or glass replacement for a Foggy or broken window, call the experts of Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair. Why replace the entire window, when you can just replace the glass. We offer double pane glass, insulated units, energy efficient glass replacements and low-e glass. Also, we offer new window installation, custom made mirrors, door glass repair, frameless shower doors, glass shelves, cabinet glass and emergency glass repair.

Storefront Glass Windows and Door Repairs and Replacement

We offer Glass Replacement to restore your view in all windows. We just replace the glass leaving your original window frames intact. This is far less expensive than full window replacement. We repair wood windows, vinyl windows and aluminum framed windows. We even replace glass in wood doors. Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair provide the highest quality glass and windows for your residential or commercial property at the lowest possible prices. It’s about time. If it’s done by our team, you know it’s built to last.

Storefront Glass Door Repairs and Replacement

We treat your time like its money when it comes to storefront repair. Storefront At Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair Services, we know how important it is to get the job done without delay especially when it comes to storefront repair. You don’t have to close shop for days on end. While we do our work meticulously and with an advanced level of craftsmanship, we assure you minimal downtime when you’ve got our team working for you.

New Storefront Glass Windows and Doors Installations

We designs and installs storefronts for commercial property. From single entrance doors to entire office buildings, we have set the industry's highest standard for quality business store fronts and glass doors. With more than 20 years of experience in commercial glass and glazing industry, our dedicated Estimators & Project Managers provide support and solutions from project inception to completion. Today and speak with one of our helpful and knowledgeable staff!

Herculite Glass Door Systems Repairs & Replacements, Installations

Herculite glass doors give an expensive look and add a touch of décor to the building, increasing its aesthetic appeal. These heavy glass door systems can be customized to suit different requirements and are easy to control for entry and exit purposes, which make them convenient for use even in restricted areas. Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair Herculite Doors are typically offered 3/8” or ½” thick. Frameless glass doors create a strong, safe and secure way of closing your entrance while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your living space. The frameless doors have no outer frame work and you have a choice of pivot or hinge doors. The frameless doors can also be decorated with any design to create an ‘arty’ look.

  • Fogged or Broken Glass Replacement
  • Commercial Door Glass Repair and installation
  • Commercial Glass Sliding Doors Repair and installation
  • Commercial foggy glass Replacement
  • Commercial broken glass Replacement
  • Commercial aluminum entrances
  • Commercial aluminum windows Broken Glass door
  • New Storefront Glass Windows and Doors
  • Storefront Glass Door Repairs and Replacement
  • New Storefront Glass Windows and Doors Installations
  • Storefront Glass Entrances Installations
  • Storefront Glass Entrances Repair and Replacements
  • Low-E Storefront Glass Installations
  • Low-E Storefront Glass Replacements
  • Storefront Glass Windows and Door Repairs and Replacement
  • Storefront Glass Window and Door Hardware
  • Custom entrances
  • Storefront Glass Window and Door Hardware
  • Complete storefronts Installation
  • Storefront Door Closers
  • Storefront Glass Repair
  • Low-E Storefront Glass
  • Storefront Glass Entrances
  • Design & Installation
  • Healthcare, Institutional & Commercial Applications
  • Repair, replacements, or adjustments on all commercial doors and hardware
  • Glass Door Repair & Replacement
  • All-Glass Doors and Partitions
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Aluminum & glass swing doors
  • Locks and handles
  • Automatic and ADA doors
  • Manual entries
  • Aluminum storefronts
  • Aluminum doors
  • All glass doors
  • Emergency Board up Service
  • Commercial Board UP Services
  • Residential Windows Board Up Services
  • 24/7 Board-up Service
  • 24hr Emergency Service & Repair
  • Doors & windows board up
  • Custom Glass Handrails and Glass Guardrails
  • Custom cut glass products: (indoor and outdoor table tops, laminated glass, patterned glass, shelving, reception windows, and more)
  • High-rise glass replacements
  • Entrances
  • Security Filming
  • Curtainwall
  • Aluminum Doors
  • All Glass Doors
  • Skylight Repair Or Replacement
  • Aluminum framing

Glass Railings System Installation & Repair & Replacement in Virginia, Washington DC & Maryland

Glass railing systems bring a touch of class to any facility or residence. A glass railing provides unobstructed view of your surroundings. Our Glass handrail systems can accommodate custom designed glass, sandblasting, curved glass or a combination of all of these in a variety of thicknesses dependent upon the System Type you specify. Glass railings combined with stainless steel create a timeless showpiece that is elegant and functional.

Custom stainless steel railings will exceed the requirements of your project. We have a railing system solution that will incorporate our innovative designs with your architectural vision. We pay attention to every small detail that makes up your stainless steel railing system. Our fabrication and installation teams understand that you are relying on us to deliver a flawless product. We will not let you down.

Create an open, spacious look with sleek and clean lined Contemporary Glass Railing systems from Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair. Some designs call for straight glass stair railing used up stairways, or as divider partitions between two rooms. Other designs require curved or bent glass, which is achieved by carefully measuring the existing stairs and creating mill-work or fabricating metal to structurally secure the addition of an elegant glass railing. Whenever possible, it is best to have the mill-work designed, built and installed to achieve the integrity required for our glass railing. In some cases on retrofit installations, the old rail is removed and replaced with glass railing using specialized techniques to provide the structural requirements.

From simple residential balconies, to custom staircases, or even large commercial projects; we are confident that we will find the right system for you. Our balustrades are manufactured to American Safety Standards and Building Regulations, providing you with a quality structural stainless or glass balustrade that is second to none.

  • Glass Railings surrounding Pools, Porches and Overlooks
  • Glass Stair Railing Systems
  • Specialized Glass, including Logo Glass and Patterned Glass
  • Glass Railings utilizing Standoff and Connection Hardware
  • Glass Gates, Hardware and Related Systems

Any commercial or residential building requires railings, both for safety and design considerations. These railings can be placed indoor or outdoor for stairs, swimming pools, decks, wind breaks, decorative items and many others. If you are searching for glass panel railing system, then you needn’t look any further! Aluminum railings with glass panels are a cost-efficient and future-proof alternative to the traditional wooden ones. The standard design typically consists of glass panes, vertical aluminum support rails and an aluminum horizontal rail on top. However, the exact design and combination of materials depends on the client’s preferences. For instance, most people nowadays choose a more elegant model, with not top or bottom horizontal rail, as this is the one that provides an unobstructed and clean view.

Glass railing systems are usually transparent, which allows other features of the building to be seen more clearly. Glass railing systems usually consist of a horizontal top cap and a horizontal bottom rail that captures the glass. The vertical post supports the rail and the glass infill panel in the glass railing system.

By choosing our glass railing products every client is making the right choice for a maintenance free, long term investment, adding value and beauty to any property. From small residential projects to complex commercial jobs, our customers receive the same Express Response to their glass service.

Call now at 703-509-3532 / or email us at and get FREE No Obligation QUOTE for your business and we ensure to provide the highest level of satisfaction.


Shower Doors

Frameless Shower Doors Installations, Repairs & Replacements

Shower doors and tub enclosures play an important role in your bathroom. Not only do these structures keep water contained within the bath and shower where it belongs, but also they impact the overall style and decor of your space. While traditional shower doors and tub enclosures relied on a metal frame for structural support and strength, homeowners now have the option to choose frameless enclosures, which eliminate frames in favor of thicker glass and heavy hardware.

Our elegant, frameless shower doors are especially popular in bathrooms where they keep the natural light flooding in and at the same time prevent shower and bath splashes from leaking out.

Swinging frameless shower doors also make elegant entrance doors and can be used on pool enclosures, wine stores, patios, verandas – in fact, just about anywhere you could install a regular door. Our strong, tempered door glass comes in 1" & 1-1/4" glass thicknesses, depending on the size and use of the door.

We guarantee our skilled, clean craftsmanship at every stage of production and installation. Our on-site project management will supervise quality control and assure you of a picture perfect installation every time. All our projects are backed with a manufacturer's warranty.

Frameless shower doors rely on heavy-duty glass and special pivots for structural support. These units are free of metal around the operable part of the partition, but some may incorporate a metal frame or tracks along other parts of the enclosure, such as the bottom or edges. Shower doors and tub enclosures with metal on any part of the structure are sometimes referred to as semi-frameless.

Our products include:
  • Single shower door
  • Inline shower door
  • New angle shower door
  • Steam shower enclosure
  • Essence sliding shower
  • Cottage sliding shower
  • Bi-fold sliding shower
  • Hydro slide shower
  • Serenity sliding shower
  • Bathtub and shower screen
  • 90 degree shower door

Frameless shower doors, also known as “heavy plate” or “Euro doors,” are stunning, and their aesthetic appeal is catching on, in all types of homes. As the name implies, there is no frame associated with this type of shower enclosure. Instead, hinges, clamps, and glass mounted pull handles are incorporated into the design. The glass for these shower door systems is typically 3/8 inch or ½ inch thick.

Whether you choose traditional framed or the modern frameless glass shower doors and enclosures, Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair can make sure the end result meets and exceeds your expectations. For additional information about our frameless shower doors, or a beautiful glass shower enclosure, please call us at 703-509-3532. We proudly serve customers in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland areas

Sliding Shower Doors Installations, Repairs & Replacements

Sliding doors combine well with larger showers and enclosures. The door slides along the length of the enclosure, so is space saving. Sliding Doors can also be used alone or with panels. If you are looking for reliable sliding door, then you have reached the right place. We have a huge choice available that offer a variety of styles, sizes and glass thickness.

Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair shower door delivers a unique design and the look of custom glass at an unbelievable value. Most sliding shower doors require substantial aluminum framing, but Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair uses innovative hardware to provide the space-saving benefits of a sliding door without compromising the beauty of a completely frameless glass design. At Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair, we stock the highest standard of sliding door shower enclosures. Our extensive selection will not leave you disappointed, as you have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of designs.

The Metro and Serenity frameless models feature panels of thick, tempered glass that enhance your bathroom and are easy to clean. Semi-frameless sliding shower doors also have no metal frames around the glass (making them easy to clean and maintain), but a more traditional frame around the shower opening itself, along with two movable doors (as opposed to the one movable door of Metro and Serenity).

  • Sliding Shower Doors
  • Framed Sliding Doors for Tubs
  • Metro Sliding Doors For Tubs
  • Sliding Shower Doors
  • Sliding Glass Bathtub Doors
  • Interior Sliding Glass Doors
  • Exterior Sliding Glass Doors
  • Modern Sliding Shower Doors
  • Bypass Sliding Shower Doors
  • Bi Fold Shower Doors
  • Hydroslide Sliding Shower Doors
  • Essence Sliding Shower Doors
  • Serenity Sliding Shower Doors
  • Skyline Sliding Shower Doors
  • Cottage Sliding Shower Doors
  • Sliding closet glass doors

Framed Shower Doors Installations, Repairs & Replacements

Framed shower enclosures are the most cost effective because they typically use 5/32” or 3/16” tempered glass with fairly substantial anodized aluminum hardware. Our custom framed shower enclosures are much higher quality than what you’d find in big box home improvement stores where pre-fabbed, one-size-fits-all shower packages generally disappoint due to mill marks on the metal and inadequate adjustability for certain out of plumb or level conditions

Whether you choose traditional framed or the modern frameless glass shower doors and enclosures, Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair can make sure the end result meets and exceeds your expectations. Please call us at 703-509-3532 today for your fast free estimate! Our quality products are available in a wide range. We will provide full information regarding each product and also recommend the most suitable upon understanding your exact requirement. An overview of our product range:

  • Single shower door
  • Inline shower door
  • New angle shower door
  • 90 degree shower door

The Framed enclosures we offer are also constructed with the highest quality metal and glass. These units are designed to fit your shower/tub layout; Inline, 90 Degree Corner, Neo Angle and Custom. Some framed enclosures can be adapted for steam applications. The framed enclosures are the right choice that offers beauty and quality for a lower budget.

Custom Shower Enclosures Installations, Repairs & Replacements

No matter if your bathroom’s style is traditional, modern or somewhere in between, our shower glass enclosures are sure to take your bathroom to a luxurious level. We use high-quality materials in every aspect, including shower enclosures, to help achieve the look of any design.

Shower doors and tub enclosures play an important role in your bathroom. Not only do these structures keep water contained within the bath and shower where it belongs, but also they impact the overall style and decor of your space. While traditional shower doors and tub enclosures relied on a metal frame for structural support and strength.

Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair offers several styles of fully custom shower enclosures to suit both your space and your budget. From framed, semi-framed, and the exceptionally stylish frameless shower doors, we can outfit your bath for optimal design and functionality. Whether you are looking for a sliding shower door, pivot, hinged, or heavy glass system Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair has the product to match any specifications. Available finishes include brushed nickel, oil rubbed bronze (ORB), chrome, satin, polished and more. Our proprietary Stik Stall product line provides maximum flexibility to fit any shower space.

You will have the centerpiece of your bathroom when you get a custom shower door or glass enclosure installed by Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair. Our experienced and knowledgeable custom glass experts will help you find the perfect glass and metal finishes to compliment your bathroom’s design and decor. We provide a wide variety of styles, sizes, and glass options. Our shower enclosures are guaranteed to provide years of dependable service and are a great way to add beauty and value to your home. Every enclosure style can be equipped with either hinged or sliding glass doors, and all hardware is available in a wide variety of materials and finishes to suit your home’s exact decor. The beauty of architectural glass inspires unique shower designs that play with light, flow and elegance.

Our custom shower glass services include:
  • Custom Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures
  • Semi-Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures
  • Framed Glass Shower Enclosures
  • By-Pass Glass Shower and Glass Tub Enclosures
  • Glass Shower Screens
  • Glass Steam Enclosures
  • Glass Service for Existing Glass Shower Door

Our shower door designers and installers can easily take on a custom shower door project for your bathroom. Just ask us about our options for showers in Raleigh, such as custom shower enclosures, single fixed panels, textured glass and more, to give your shower door and bathroom a unique look. Please call 703-509-3532 and we will be delighted to assist.

Bath Shower Screens Installations, Repairs & Replacements

The bath shower screen is a most welcome solution to the common shower in a bath scenario. Should you not have the space (or desire) to create a separate shower, you can combine it with your bath, thus saving room and/or cost. You still need a screen though, as water can be somewhat annoying (and damaging) if it gets the chance to leave the tub!

Bath Shower Screens are available in a range of styles designed to suit any bath installation with designs such as D-shape, square, double, bifold and return bath and shower screens. Our range includes glass, curved, frameless and folding shower screens. There is something suitable for all needs and all tastes.

A bathroom is a quiet place to relax and indulge yourself and let the world drift away for a few precious moments every day. If your space will simply not allow for both separate showering and bathing facilities, our collection of Bath Screens can be the perfect solution. Our range incorporates power shower approved Bath Screen, folding Bath Screens, specialist Bath Screens for shower baths through to full Bath Enclosures. All available in a range of styles and for every budget. Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair shower screens will provide the inspiration you need to create your own perfect oasis.

If you would like further information about any of the frameless glass doors displayed here, or about other ways to use structural glass for creating pool enclosures, ceilings, floors, shelves, fences, panels and more, please call Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair at 703-509-3532 and we will be delighted to assist. We proudly serve customers in Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland areas.


Window Replacements and/or Repair in Virginia, Washington DC & Maryland

Having broken window in your home or business?

You’ve come to the right place. We’re the experts of broken glass replacement

At Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair, we provide excellent and professional glass services to businesses and home in the Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Southern Maryland areas. Most people feel that broken glass cannot be repaired, but our company is here to provide top-notch repair services for the broken glass windows, Broken Window Glass Repair and replacement it is not a do it yourself job. It requires the highly skilled, professional and experienced glazier to insure that you get a quality job.

Broken Window Repair and Replacement

We can replace all kinds of glass windows from single panel to double glass units, from double glazed to triple glazed. We can even replace or install reflective glass panels. The most common reason why customers contact Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair and replacement is because there window glass needs to be repaired or replaced because it has either been broken or damaged in some way.

Got Foggy Windows? We can restore them to like new again!

Do you have blue haze, fog, dampness, moisture or condensation in your double pane windows? Do your wood window frames need repair? Kennedy Window Glass Repair & Replacement can fix foggy windows at a fraction of the cost of window replacement. We can remove the fog in windows quickly and easily without replacing your window frames. And we can repair your wood framed windows at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. When windows are not properly insulated they can result in condensation buildup causing foggy windows. Poor insulated windows can also affect the comfort level of your home and increase home energy costs.

Foggy Window & Glass Repair, Replacement

Let our foggy window repair experts fix your foggy window problem without costing you an arm and a leg. We can replace the glass without having to replace the whole window, leaving you with a huge savings, our expertly trained technicians have the knowledge and experience to diagnose the problem. They can determine if your window can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.


Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Replacement windows have a fixed top sash and movable bottom sash which tilts inward to help you clean it.

Double Hung Windows

Double Hung replacement windows have movable top and bottom sashes the tilt inward to help you clean them.

Casement Windows

Casement replacement windows are hinged on the left or right and crank outward to a full 90 Degree swing.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged at the top and crank from the bottom of the sash to open outward.

Bay Windows

Bay vinyl replacement windows consist of three windows in single frame in which the center one is always twice as wide as the sidelites which may have operable casements or double hung windows.

Garden Windows

Garden vinyl windows have a sunlit spot for plants and flowers and usually installed above kitchen sink or in dining area.

Basement Windows

Basement replacement windows open inward from the top and are typically installed in the basement applications. These windows are also called as Hopper Windows.

Horizontal Sliding Windows

On sliding windows, the sashes glide horizontally, that may available in two to three lite configurations.

Picture Windows

Vinyl picture windows have fixed sashes that do not open or close. These windows also called as Deadlites.

Glass Table Tops

Need a glass table top? Have you been dreaming of a glass table top for your redecorated dining room? Do you need a glass table cover to protect an antique or fragile table top from scratches and other damage?

We can help you design custom glass-top tables and provide table glass replacement for glass that has been chipped or broken. For dining tables, desks, coffee tables, and more, we’ve got you covered. Contact us now to learn more about the glass services we Custom glass table tops cut to your specifications to a variety of shapes and sizes with many options for your home or office.

If the glass table top that you need is too big, don’t worry. Our professional glass installers can come right out to your house and install the glass for you. No need to worry about finding the right transportation or figuring out how to transport it without it breaking. Give us a call 703-509-3532. Here at Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair, we have the capability to custom cut, bevel, polish and temper your glass. This ensures a perfectly customized fit, gives you the opportunity to choose the glass type you want, and gets it delivered to you in record time for home and office needs. Whether it’s for a glass table top replacement, glass table top cover or a table design of your own, the steps for customizing your glass table top are the same. Our glass table tops are custom manufactured, which means that all pieces can be to your specification.

Kennedy Glass has a wide selection of glass, perfect for table tops. Whether you are looking to create a coffee table, dining table or an accent piece, we offer custom cuts, sizes and edges to meet your specifications. The experts at Kennedy Glass and Mirror are available to cut almost any size and shape of glass for a table top, including: Circles, Ovals, Squares, Octagons, Racetracks, and beyond.

At Kennedy Glass and Mirror, we’re skilled at a variety of different edges, including:
  • Flat polish
  • Pencil polish
  • Waterfall
  • Bevel
  • Ogee
  • Beveled Edge
  • Pencil Edge
  • Wave Edge
  • Seamed Edge


Custom decorative mirrors & glass table tops Replacement & Repair in Virginia, Washington DC & Maryland

Need a glass mirror?

Kennedy glass mirror is ready to help. We have the capability to custom cut, bevel, polish and temper your glass. Whether your personal style is classic, contemporary or Victorian, we have a wide selection sure to accentuate any room.

We are different than other glass companies – we in-house bevel, frame and fabricate with the latest machinery and vast skilled experience. All of our mirror products are designed and produced to your specifications. We pride ourselves in producing top quality mirrors. Our skilled craftsmen and installers pride themselves in exceeding our clients’ expectations. We produce gorgeous mirrors suitable for any project, with thousands of different styles and any size. The options are limited only by your desires and imagination!

We carry framed and frameless mirrors, wardrobe door mirrors and distinctive beveled strip mirrors. We can help you design custom cut mirrors to your specifications. With Kennedy Glass Mirror you are assured quality glass and expert installation.


Sliding Patio & French Doors Repairs & Replacements, Installations

Does your sliding glass patio door look foggy? Does your glass patio door look like there is steam built up in the middle of it? Most likely, your patio door has a bad seal causing both your window fog and electric bill to increase. Having the professionals at Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair replace your faulty thermopane window with a new, energy-efficient window pane will allow you to see clearly again while saving money. Get your sliding patio doors gliding again with a patio door repair, replacement or new glass installation from Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair? Contact us to talk to one of our glass door specialists today. Patio glass doors are one of the most popular features in any home. They provide convenient access while creating unimpeded views that flood interior spaces with natural light.

Our Products include:
  • Sliding Patio Doors
  • Hinged Patio Doors
  • Sliding Glass Doors
  • Coastal Storm Doors
  • Lift and slide doors
  • Sliding patio doors
  • Arch top french doors
  • Sliding french doors
  • French Doors
  • Swinging french doors
  • Bi-fold doors
  • Sliding glass, Screen Door & Window Adjustments
  • Door trimmings, Reversals, Refurbishments
  • Custom Screen Doors
  • Various Roller, Track, Handle and Screen Upgrades
  • Guides, Bumpers, Brackets
  • Security Devices, Locks, Charlie Bars
  • Roller & Track Repair & Installation
  • Handles, Latches, Levers

Are your sliding glass patio doors not sliding like they should be? Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair is here to help with all your patio door repair needs! Our clean, courteous, and professional glass door installers are trained in replacing and repairing those irritating, malfunctioning patio doors. A great way to increase natural light in your home is with a new glass patio door. Bring the great outdoors inside with a patio door installation from Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair. From new double glazed patio door installation to sliding glass door replacement and repairs, Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair has the experience and skills for all your glass patio door needs. As with any window or door today, there are plenty of options when it comes to choosing a patio door. Patio doors are available in many configurations to make the most of your entrance. Start your selection by choosing from a sliding door or a swinging door, commonly referred to as a French door. You could also consider a folding patio door with multiple panels that open in an accordion style.

Kennedy Glass Doors & Windows repair sliding glass patio doors provide the easy care of vinyl, combined with outstanding, long-term performance. Our doors are engineered for security and high-traffic use. Our sliding patio doors are custom made to size. We do not use stock sizes like most companies. Patio exterior doors are a great cheap way to brighten up any home. Replace that outdated glass sliding back door with one of our discount french double doors in a variety of styles. When it comes to repairing or replacing your door, you've come to the right place. We always do our best to complete the job at the highest quality while taking up only a fraction of your time.

Don’t wait now - Call Kennedy Glass right away! 703-509-3532 /